A doctor in the South

CarlosSometimes opportunity can be half a world away. Carlos knows exactly how that feels.

After completing a medical degree in his home city of Trujillo, Peru, he practiced as a physician for two years. One day, quite by chance, he met another doctor, a Peruvian who had been practicing for 20 years in Angola.

Carlos had never thought about working abroad, but he was intrigued. When the other doctor offered him a place in his practice, Carlos accepted right away.

It was an unusual move and Carlos admits that there are some difficulties He misses his family and the language barrier was hard to overcome. But, overall, the benefits outweigh the drawbacks. He has a wide and varied group of friends, acquaintances and professional colleagues. As a Peruvian doctor he is highly respected in Angolan society. And, most importantly, the financial rewards mean Carlos can to support his family and save for their future.