From Europe to the Americas and (someday) back again

PabloDreaming of a career in advertising, Spanish born Pablo moved to Buenos Aries to study. Drawn to the city by its reputation for excellence, he worked hard and was awarded a Master’s Degree.

On graduation, Pablo decided to stay in Argentina. He gained important real-world experience by interning at a number of firms before being hired by a major multinational organisation that also sponsored his work visa application. He loves the role. Next to his fantasy job (perhaps a surf instructor or some sort of open-air career) it’s a perfect role.

When he’s not working, Pablo travels to other parts of South America – places that might be prohibitively expensive if he were coming from Spain. Closer to home, as part of a multinational community, he appreciates the chance to get to know people from all parts of Latin America.

Like many migrants, Pablo misses home and family and plans to return some day. But when he does, he’ll be bringing plenty of skills and experience with him.