Globetrotting German goes behind the camera, and around the world

PabloEager to pursue a career in film, German-born Vera found herself drawn to New York City. After gaining admission to a top university, she now enjoys the academic rigour of a first-class school. And when she’s not studying, she enjoys the company of a diverse social network of friends from all parts of America and the world.

She admits, though, that the move was not without its challenges. University fees are high and she had to take out a loan and work two part-time jobs to fund her tuition. But the education she is receiving will make it worthwhile. And by living and studying in an English environment, she is building language skills that future employers will find attractive.

In the near future, Vera is considering pursuing a PhD. Whether she will do it in the US, the UK or back in Germany is an open question. Because Vera, like so many talented young people, is a true citizen of the world.